Raw Cotton

According to the data, Gujarat is the India’s largest cotton producer state-wise. Cotton is a sustainable fiber. The cotton plant has a naturally supple and fluffy texture, and cotton fabric keeps that feeling while being an example of breathable fabric. With 120.69 million hectares (or 36% of the world’s 333 million hectares) of cotton-growing land, India ranked first in the world. 67% of India’s cotton are produced on rain- fed areas while the 33% on irrigated areas respectively. With a yield of 510 kg/ha, India ranks 38th in terms of productivity. We at Vatsal Exports offer the finest cotton, which we have list below:


We sell a wide variety of cotton yarns for every possible purpose. We are also well-known on international markets for the quality and performance of our yarns because we consistently meet the requirements of our customers at an affordable price.


We offer products from leading wholesale, textile, and individualized clothing manufacturers. Our team of experts can assist you with any questions you may have about your fashion projects, including fabrics, prices, and other resources. We are the leaders in our industry when it comes to vendor development and product sourcing.


We’ve got the most exclusive collection!

Across a variety of price points, we have a wide selection of products to appeal to women, men, and children of varying demographics.

Our products include Men’s wear, Women’s wear, as well as Kids’ wear.

Home Furnishing

With our brand motto of “Beauty, comfort, and utility”, you can explore the directory of suppliers, decorative home furnishers, and manufacturers of home furnishings. We offer high-quality furnishings for your home. Our company works closely with Indian artisans and family-owned businesses to produce some of the highest quality custom-made home furnishings.

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